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Some OHSers may remember NAPtime in its heyday, with humorous hosts Nick Benson, Rebecca Gellman, Michael Stoneman and Chris Cannella running the show. Many students eagerly awaited each new NAPtime episode, creating one of the first OHS traditions NAPtime is one of the oldest student organizations at OHS, and is designated as the official student radio show, but it faltered last year, with only one episode released.

Now under new management, led by senior-class president Caroline Korndorffer, NAPtime is roaring back to life. Its mission is to bring the news to OHS students with humor and a touch of satire, tailored to unique tastes of our student body. With two episodes completed and the new “Welcome to NAPvale” episode just around the corner, the eight-person crew of NAPtime is working hard to bring new content to an expectant audience.

So what can we expect from the new NAPtime? According to Caroline, whose job title changes every episode, listeners can expect it to be “always crazy and classically OHS.” In future episodes, loyal followers should be on the lookout for an alumni guest to return. Also on the horizon are an all-underclassmen episode, and NAPtime’s sure-to-be-hilarious opening of the winter student assembly.

If you’re new to the world of NAPtime, all previous episodes can be found through gateway under “Student Publications.” Depending on your level of dedication, you can listen to years of archived episodes, or just start with the two from this year entitled “And So It Begins” and “And So It Continues.” Expect to hear witty commentary on current news, guest musical and comedic appearances, and generally an enjoyable listening experience. If you want to get involved, the staff of NAPtime welcomes guest submissions: for more information contact Caroline Korndorffer. Popping in a pair of earbuds and listening to NAPtime while studying, reading, or just hanging out is among the oldest school pastimes at our young school, and I for one am excited to see it return.

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