Talent Spotlight

One of the things that make the OHS such a unique school is that it fosters the next generation of talented youth in various disciplines, from extreme motocross to orchestra and everything in-between. While every student here is dedicated to their education and curious about their studies, what we do outside of class is also essential to the foundation of this school. Our passions motivate us to work harder, clocking in hours before and after class every day. They come to life in the classroom as we are able to relate our experiences to our studies. And despite the stress involved in being a student as well as pursuing our dreams outside of the OHS, we all know that in the end our passion is irreplaceable.

These talent portfolios highlight our fellow passionate students. My goal is to shine a spotlight upon the student’s hard work, dedication, and love for their pursuits while also inspiring others about the difficulties we all face in our pursuit for excellence.

Go forth boldly, my friends,

Aly Mulconnery