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Argo Messy Desk Competition Results

The Argo’s Mess Desk Competition Results! The results for the Messy Desk Competition are in, and the winner is… Sam Boeschen! (2021)   Honorable Mentions: Daisy Hilton (2021) Umar Ahmed Badami (2020)   Thanks to everyone for participating!

The Argo Valentine’s Day Poetry Contest Results

Here are your winners from the Argo’s Valentine’s Day Poetry contest! Thanks to everyone for participating!   Winner: Daisy Hilton “Unexpressed love” Though you are standing inches from my shoulder, I feel as though I would have to trek around… Read More ›

OHS Holiday Recipes

By: Roma (2015) The competition was fierce and all the food looked great—all your videos to the Argo OHS Holiday Recipe Video Competition made the judges’ stomachs grumble! As the Argo’s editor-in-chief, I am proud to announce the results for… Read More ›