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As an aspiring scientist with a penchant for writing, Heather explores a variety of intriguing topics for the "!". In her spare time outside of the lab and the (virtual) classroom, she enjoys sailing, contemplating the meaning of life, and a properly baked cookie.

  • How to Succeed on the SAT and Keep Your Sanity

    The SAT, perhaps the most terrifying acronym known to high-school students, is fast approaching for our juniors. Advice for how to conquer this test bombards them from all sides, from parents, teachers, coaches, classes, and the Internet. This is only… Read More ›

  • NAPtime is Back

    Some OHSers may remember NAPtime in its heyday, with humorous hosts Nick Benson, Rebecca Gellman, Michael Stoneman and Chris Cannella running the show. Many students eagerly awaited each new NAPtime episode, creating one of the first OHS traditions NAPtime is… Read More ›

  • The Oscars of Academia: This Year and the Nobel Prizes

    Every year, the scientific and literary communities anxiously await the announcement of arguably the most prestigious awards possible, the Nobel Prizes. Created by Alfred Nobel in 1901, the prizes are awarded each year in six different categories: Chemistry, Physics, Medicine,… Read More ›

  • Much Ado About Gluten

    The prevalence of people who live a gluten-free life has skyrocketed in recent years. Many of us know friends who turn down a baked good with an apologetic “I can’t” due to their sensitivity. There’s a lot of confusion out… Read More ›

  • The Truth About Stem Cells

    When I say “stem cell”, the first thing most people will think of is controversy. Whether from uproar in politics about human embryos or from scams out of foreign countries, stem-cell research has had a short and rocky history. Before… Read More ›