Rivalry Between Israel & Palestine

The Israelis and the Palestinians have had conflict with each other ever since the biblical times but recently it seems as if this rivalry has escalated to an extremely daunting point. On Thursday, October 22, 2015 a Jewish man was arbitrarily stabbed in the neck with a knife by a young Palestinian man. This violent act has made the Israelis consider what the actual cause of these terroristic acts is. This has provoked a lot of controversy between the Israelis as some consider figuring out what the Palestinians want and others consider different forms of action. In response to the controversy between the Israelis, Yoav Schwartz, of CNN, claims that “there is no justification for terror” and that compliance with demands of the terrorists would just “encourage future acts of violence.” Schwartz even compares it to the bombing of the Boston Marathon, a sad event that is now permanently etched into the history of terrorism in the United States. Schwartz then asks the question if Israel could stop living under a constant threat of attack. We of the OHS Newspaper would like to know what you all think. Is all of this conflict about land? What can Israel do to further prevent these violent acts?

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  1. Great article. You are a strong writer with mature views. You can only get better with time. Bible history points to Israel as owners of the land.

  2. Violence never results in peace…being born in a region or of a certain ethnicity or religion does not grant you hegemonic exclusivity. Rather, those that seek peace are truly divine and justified: “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God”.(Matt 5:9)

  3. This is a great article and one dear to my heart for several reasons.

    Diving straight into your questions, I believe the controversy steams from land ownership and religion. In Ancient times, Jews conquered and colonized the land known today as Israel, but lost the land which dispersed the Jews into other countries. When this occurred, other nations, such as the Palestinians, inhabited and claimed the land of Israel as their own & built religious sanctities. But when the Jews regained Israel in 1948, it gave way to the conflict we see today.

    I don’t think Israel can do anything to stop these attacks, but only defend themselves as they have been doing, and should NOT give-in to religious or political pressure to give up any part of their land. I believe the only way this will be changed, is through divine intervention.

  4. What a beautifully written article! I think this is a very important question. A question that I am unsure the ones involed could give a definite answer too. Yes, this conflict originated over a land dispute, but over the years and generations it has evolved into a pure hatred of one another. I strongly agree with Brittany Morrell and Marcus Smith in that it is essential that we discover where this hate is coming from in order to achieve peace between these people.

  5. What a beautifully written article! I think this is a very important question that not even the ones involed could give a definite answer too. Yes, the controversy started because of a land dispute, but through the generations this has been lost. I strongly agree with Brittany Morrell and Marcus Smith, that in order to achieve peace these people must first discover whattheir hate oringinates from.

  6. Wow! Such an excellent and well-written article! I think that you pose a very important question. You’re right, we can definitely trace this conflict back to the biblical era and it has escalated over centuries of continual conflict. However, as some have stated, their separation, or divisive outlook, seems far greater than being about “land”. Granted, initially this may have been/still is a catalyst for the feud; however, because of the progressive acts of violence, as you have outlined in this article, it seems its more of an internal/humanity issue. One in which can only began to be addressed if both sides choose to look internally. I like what @MarcusSmith said and this definitely summarizes my view/perspective towards this conflict, “Peace can’t be achieved without them looking inwardly first and discovering where the hate is coming from”.

  7. Outstanding article @ASIMONEA! I think raising the awareness and keeping this topic in discussion is key. Focusing on the history of why this has started and keeping that visible helps. But I ultimately agree with @marcus smith, there has got to be resolution and peace found within themselves first.

  8. I enjoyed reading your article. The Israel & Palestine controversy has escalated to extreme proportions. This is no longer just a concern of the people fighting for ownership of land. There are people fighting and dying for a cause that comes from years of hatred. It’s generational. Many of the fighters are young and middle aged adults, who weren’t alive when the rivalry began. This concern has become a worldwide. As we watch from the comforts of our homes (in America), we watch in terror as we see acts of terrorism spread throughout the world. This rivalry is no longer a Israel or Palestine issue…it has become a world wide issue.

  9. I like how you mentioned this is an old conflict, so true! Israel has been fighting for thousands of years to keep the rights to their land. Hopefully there will be peace at the end of this conflict for everyone.

  10. I like how you mentioned this is an old conflict, very true! It’s amazing to see how long Israel has had to fight to keep their land, hopefully they will have peace soon!

  11. Although the conflict originates over land, sadly with mankind, such attacks are fueled by more than principle… I recently read the book of Joshua when the children of Israel (Jacob) initially occupied the land… To prevent such attacks, Israel should seek direction from the source… The landLord so to speak, the issue has more to do with man(kind) than land.

  12. Great Question!!! i think the land is a factor but when violence and hatred last for generations the true meaning of justice is lost. At this point it is about each side trying to find peace with their circumstances. However, neither side is finding peace. Peace can’t be achieved without them looking inwardly first and discovering where the hate is coming from.

    Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances.
    -Mohandas K. Gandhi

  13. Wonderful article on a important topic of today!

  14. This is a great article. I think it is about land and land rights which in my opinion Israel has full rights to the land. It’s going to take time to prevent future attacks but I think they are on the right track.


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