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Where On Earth?

By: JoAnn Tinker Photo Credits: JoAnn Tinker Summer session brings kids running from all around the world, attracted by the opportunity to meet their teachers in person, take cool courses, and hang out with classmates.  Students from Australia, the UK,… Read More ›

Surviving Our School

By: Brendan McDonnell Being a student at our school presents challenges that many have never had to face before. Naturally, OHS carries with it many of the same expectations and formalities that a conventional private school would have, but with… Read More ›

Thank you!

Dear Readers, Thank you for your interest and support for the newspaper this year. We hope you enjoyed reading the “!” and we’ll be back next year! Have an awesome summer, “!” Staff

Community Service Showcase: Dhruv Patel

By: Michelle Kwak The “!” Student Newspaper is delighted to share its first Community Service Student Profile on Dhruv Patel, a part-time senior at the OHS. Dhruv is commended for numerous achievements, such as competing at a National Business Competition… Read More ›

All Things AP

Photo Credit: The Cleveland Leader        Those two little letters “AP” might prompt a mini-panic attack in some readers due to the fast approaching test dates for these things we call “AP tests”. Junior high students may have wondered… Read More ›