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  • Iceland: An OHS Student’s Experiences Abroad

    By: Grace The Stanford OHS’s student body is not defined by where the students reside. Rather, it’s their ability to travel that gives rise to unique perspectives and experiences that make the school’s community truly dynamic. Joseph (2017), a full-time… Read More ›

  • Food Diaries–Paris Edition

    By: Anonymous Good food in every city  Being an OHS student allows you to be anywhere in the world and still take classes. Those of us who have had the privilege of visiting other countries know the feeling of experiencing… Read More ›

  • OHS Holiday Recipes

    By: Roma (2015) The competition was fierce and all the food looked great—all your videos to the Argo OHS Holiday Recipe Video Competition made the judges’ stomachs grumble! As the Argo’s editor-in-chief, I am proud to announce the results for… Read More ›

  • ¡Hola from Argentina!–Part Two

    By: Grace My memories from the Spanish Immersion Program in Argentina have already started mixing together. The feelings and experiences that made the trip so memorable, as well as the recollections of people that made me laugh, made me think,… Read More ›