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  • Planet Nine

    In the past, scientists have speculated about the presence of additional planets in our solar system, and various suspicions have been explored and discredited throughout the years. Newer discoveries relating to the presence of objects farther from the sun resulted… Read More ›

  • The SG Files: Halloween Assembly

    Nico de los Muertos with Pixel de los Muertos

    The tradition of Halloween dates back to Celtic festivities about 2,000 years ago to mark the transition between summer and harvest into the darker time of winter. They believed that the boundary keeping spirits out of the world of the… Read More ›

  • Self-Care During Midterms

    It’s getting to be midterms season here at the OHS and many of us can feel our stress level rising. Completing your regular amount of homework on top of studying for exams and writing extra essays may seem overwhelming at… Read More ›