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  • OK Go and Why This Is the Future of Music

    There’s a lot to say about OK Go: they’re exciting, fun, and most importantly, the leaders in a new movement in the music industry. With three official albums published (two with Capitol Records and their most recent published independently), this… Read More ›

  • Best Songs of 2013

    ­­­­5.  “Safe and Sound” – Vitamin String Quartet If you guys know me, then you also know that it would be impossible for me to admit that a mainstream song like “Safe and Sound” could possibly be any good.  Thus,… Read More ›

  • Strange Tastes: The World’s End

    If you had to choose anyone to represent the entire human race, Gary King is not the person you would choose. In fact, in the new movie The World’s End, it’s hard to find a person less suited to convey… Read More ›

  • Strange Tastes: R.E.M.

    From the soft orchestral melodies of “Nightswimming” to the fast-paced dissonant sound of “Bad Day”, alternative rock band R.E.M. manages to capture a slice of their rich cultural roots in each song presented to their eager listeners.  Born in a… Read More ›