The Argo Valentine’s Day Poetry Contest Results


Here are your winners from the Argo’s Valentine’s Day Poetry contest! Thanks to everyone for participating!


Winner: Daisy Hilton

“Unexpressed love”

Though you are standing inches from my shoulder,

I feel as though I would have to trek around the whole world

In the opposite direction

To reach you.

I want to lay my arm around your shoulder, pull you close!

But watchful eyes and second thoughts,

prevent my strong desire

And every day I watch you pass me,

I watch the way you laugh,

I watch the way you stand around, your hands deep in your pockets,

I watch you take you hat off, run your fingers through your hair,

You ought to take your hat off more often…

Then you scan the room,

And I quickly drop my eyes,

I want to lean on you,

laugh with you,

ask you questions,

I want to talk to you,

run my fingers through your hair,

I want to know you…

Perhaps if I knew you, I wouldn’t love you,

Whether I know you or not, I do not know, but I know,

I love you


Second Place: Caroline Bragg

“Storybook Heart”

I have a storybook heart inside me

And I can’t keep it in

wherever I go I see

the colors and dreams within

this stiff city

of insipidity.

I have a storyteller inside me

And I can’t bring her out

because whenever I see

what she has to say

I open my heart

to many’s dismay

that’s just the way

of this stiff city

of insipidity.

My heart tells me,

O, often she tells me:

will she be let out?

will she fly free?

will the night sky

be reflected in her eyes?

will she soon escape

to find a safe place?

Will the skies above

give her a gift of love?

or will she just stay

inside the city

of insipidity?

She tells me,

O, often she tells me:

In dreams, all may be well

but in day all’s caught up in a swell

of the currents and whirlpools that easily will

convert love and hope to a trifle.

in the darkness of the day monotony seems right

but love’s a soaring bird in the luster of the night.

My heart tells me,

quite often she tells me:

To follow my heart

It shouldn’t be hard

To follow this path

To leave the city’s quiet wrath,

To go to the one I love!

And to fly free, O, free as Noah’s dove,

To seek out that path!

To flee from monotony’s wrath.

For the storyteller inside me,

often she tells me,

to follow my heart’s path

Escape worry’s wrath…

and go to you,

O, all the way to you.

We’ll escape the darkness of the city’s night

and soar together in our love’s daylight.


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  1. Hi Daisy, Your poetry is very expressive – I am so proud of you! Love, Grammy


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