Straight from the Source

It would seem that there’s a severe lack of in-depth and unbiased news today, with most mainstream news agencies reporting only on hot button issues and international sensations that bring in the views. What this means is that you need to have many dimensions of information to get the perspective you need to understand the world clearly and accurately. To help aid in that, I’ve written a short list of factors and criteria for creating that list of sources. Below you’ll find 5 simple recommended types of sources and examples of those types of news sources:

  1. Most importantly, you want to find sources that cover nearly every continent, such as BBC, RT, Al-Jazeera, and a Chinese state paper such as Xinhua are a good place to start. All of these sources are biased towards their region’s own interests, but by having multiple perspectives, you have both dimension and perspective of the topic.
  2. It goes without saying, but try to limit bias when you can. All sources are biased to some extent, but it should be cut down when possible. Don’t trust random blogs, and take state run or funded papers with a large grain of salt, although with the latter case you might be limited in terms of sources. As I previously said, bias is unavoidable which is why you have a multitude of source that help filter out misinformation and give dimension to the topic.
  3. Consider using focused sources on a conflict that interests you. Reputable Blogs, geopolitical analyzation publication, etc. For example, a good, free Asian source is The Diplomat.
  4. For domestic news and perspective, try and find a good portfolio of sources that cover several angles of perspective, such as CNN, WSJ, and Reuters. All of these sources are biased, but the different angles help alleviate that problem.
  5. Don’t be afraid to spice things up with a geopolitical analyzation publication. Several such as Foreign Policy or Foreign Affairs require a small subscription but are vastly worth it. There are several free options such as Council on Foreign Relations, and many paid publication offer free articles.

By creating a small portfolio of sources that are regularly read, you gain perspective and knowledge that many lack. Just like you wouldn’t write a paper without a multitude of sources, you shouldn’t base your news on a single source without going to multiple sources. It’s fun, it’s eye opening, and it’s a skill that many lack.

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