The SG Files: Halloween Assembly

The tradition of Halloween dates back to Celtic festivities about 2,000 years ago to mark the transition between summer and harvest into the darker time of winter. They believed that the boundary keeping spirits out of the world of the living was blurred allowing the spirits to create trouble and destroy the Celts’ crops.This festival was later combined with two Roman ones, one of which observed the passing of the dead. Over time this was transformed into All Souls Day, a church orchestrated celebration to honor the dead in the Western Catholic church. It also involved dressing up as heavenly beings (angels, demons, and saints). When Halloween came to America, the various immigrants brought their traditions with them, and these influences combined brought about what Americans now think of as Halloween.

Within the OHS community on Halloween this year, OHSers could be found enjoying the comforts of home or hanging out with family and friends while trick-or-treating. As masters of taking advantage of any and all opportunities to see each other in person, some OHSers joined one another for informal meet-ups to pass out candy and experience the local communities of friends.

On October 30 OHS held its annual Halloween Assembly and saw a vast variety of costumes ranging from a deer, to an Error 404 message, to Kim Possible. It was a ton of fun, and a great way to see friends and what they dressing up in for their respective Halloween celebrations. The esteemed judge Anna expresses how much she enjoyed her experience: It was so difficult to choose a few winners from all the incredible entries, everyone put so much effort into their costumes and it made the Halloween Assembly fantastic for all involved!” A special thanks to all the judges and everyone who helped with organizing this assembly for their time and energy. We look forward to next year and future events this year!

The link to the recording can be found in the November 5th Pixel Weekly for anyone who missed the event.

The pictures below are from the nine winners of the 2015 costume contest in the following categories: scariest, funniest, most original, and best overall.

References Staff. “History of Halloween.” A&E Networks, 2009. Web. <;


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