Clubs Feature: The “!” Guide

At OHS, one of the hardest things about clubs is picking which ones to join out of the many available. To help, “!” has created this special Clubs Feature, which contains summaries of the many OHS clubs listed in alphabetical order. To contact the club leaders, simply click here to access the Clubs Directory on Gateway.

“!” Student Newspaper

The “!” is written and edited entirely by current students, and proudly serves the OHS community. If you’re passionate about writing, this is literally the club for you. All writing positions are currently open: opinion (op-eds and editorials), science, tech, arts & culture, sports, and school (specialty spotlights and community affairs). There’s also many opportunities for editorial promotions throughout the year, and we’ll be selecting a new editor-in-chief at the end of the year. As Ben Franklin said: “If you would not be forgotten. . . either write things worthy reading or do things worth the writing.”

Asian Culture Club

Asian Culture Club is designed to immerse members in the culture of various countries in Asia. We will showcase the unique features of each country, including its famous sights, food, and traditions. Furthermore, we hope to inform our members in an entertaining way, by prominently featuring member lead presentations, songs, and games. Ultimately, we hope that our club is informative and casual.

Athletes to Athletes Club

While we OHSers cannot necessarily cheer for the Pixels at Friday night football games or state tennis tournaments, there are many student-athletes at the OHS with experiences to recount, support to share, and perspectives to contribute. That is exactly what Athlete to Athlete Connections is here for–a super informal and fun environment for anyone with an interest in athletics. This year, we are hoping to get to know each other, share accomplishments, challenges and goals, discuss leading topics related to athletics and perhaps even initiate some community service. So, whether you’re an NBA fan, a recreational soccer player, or a nationally ranked skier, come to Athlete to Athlete Connections!

Circulo De Mate (Spanish Club)

¡Hola a todos!  Join the wonderful and diverse Spanish Club, El Circulo de Mate, to chat with friends, listen to Spanish music, and learn about the Spanish culture!  In Argentina, it is a cultural tradition to share a mate (special tea and special gourd for drinking the tea) with friends and talk about anything and everything, and we want to bring this relaxed, friendly environment to the OHS. We learn more about the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries and practice speaking Spanish, which is useful for people who want extra practice outside of class, people who have finished taking Spanish but want to continue practicing, or people who just love the Spanish language and cultures and want to share their enthusiasm with others.

Computer Programming Club(s)

Calling all coders to join the awesome Computer Programming Club!  The CPC consists of anything from group debates and debugging sessions to developing iPhone or Android apps.  In addition to projects and competitions, we will form a cool pixel development team and host some guest speakers!  Anyone, from any computer programming background, is invited to join – so let’s create an incredible pixel coding community by joining the Computer Programming Club.

Debate Club

Debate club is a not for profit organization that funds the preservation of human discourse, namely through impromptu speeches and critical thinking as a means to construct, analyze, and refute arguments.  In other words, debate club is a group of like-minded students who congregate every other week to sharpen their speech skills. The first week of each month will be a lecture. The third week, we will partner off into debate rounds. This will culminate into an in-club tournament at the end of the year. Sometimes there will be virtual cookies, Disney music, and Dr. Seuss, so stay tuned!

Entrepreneur Club

The purpose of this club is to bring together hopeful entrepreneurs, and to help them understand the experiences of business startups. It certainly is an incredible learning experience for the students of this club. We learn from each other as well as through the entrepreneur guest speakers and online videos. In addition, I’m lining up some fun stuff for us to do such as movie nights, creating business plans, and general discussions about interesting topics.

French Club

The purpose of “French: Language, Culture, and the Arts” is to provide a relaxed, fun, and engaging environment for French speakers to practice speaking in, and (in English :)) discuss the endless facets that compose all-things-French. We’ll be meeting weekly on Friday afternoons, and you’re all welcome!  There is no prerequisite for joining, only an enthusiasm for francophone culture and willingness to make some new French lovin’ friends. We’ll be watching French films, reading French literature, discussing French art/history/politics, and really anything else!

Gay-Straight Alliance

The Gay-Straight Alliance is a primarily student driven discussion about modern issues that affect the LGBTQ+ community and its straight allies. Our conversations will cover the impact of representation of different identities in movies, advertising, and other media, current events involving LGBTQ+ rights, and what it means to be an ally. In addition to our regular club meetings, we will host school-wide assemblies featuring guest speakers. We meet the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month, from 2-3 PST, beginning on September 26th.

Literature Club

Literary Club (usually just Lit Club) is a club where students interested in creative writing and literature can come together with other students who have the same interests. Lit Club offers a place where like-minded students can analyze works of literature and poetry and discuss each other’s creative writing in a friendly, non-judgmental environment.

Math Competitions Club

The Math Competitions Club brings mathematically inclined students together to compete in OHS-accessible math competitions such as Math Madness, the Online Math Open, and Purple Comet. In spite of the strong mathematical culture within OHS, it is challenging to compete in many math competitions because we cannot easily meet at a physical site with a proctor. The goal of this club is to find competitions that we can compete in as an online school, organizing practices and teams for each event so that, even in the virtual setting, we can still participate in mathematics as vigorously as schools with a physical site.

Model United Nations

In Model UN, you’ll have the power of representing a nation to create and negotiate solutions to pressing issues around the globe. Our club provides a friendly atmosphere to practice international diplomacy, and hone debating and speaking skills. We attend monthly online conferences, and are planning up to two physical conferences this year. If you’re selected to be on the traveling delegation, you’ll have an exclusive opportunity to represent OHS in front of hundreds of high schools across the nation and internationally.

OHS Detective League

The OHS Detective League is a club all about detectives, as you could guess. In it, we’ll read detective short stories and novels, and we’ll also talk about actual detective work. We’ll learn about profiling, interrogation, forensics (maybe technical forensics), logic, as well as current cases and criminals, such as the Pink Panthers, an international gang of jewelry thieves. But, we’ll also do lots of fun games, brainteasers, and mystery simulations.

OHS Runners

The OHS Runners is for runners of all levels and pursuits to connect, support and motivate each other. You’re so welcomed if you want to start running or just started and need help and encouragement; if you’re an advanced runner, you’ll connect with those of your level, and help more people with your passion for running. Your progress will be acknowledged by all members.


Don’t want to sign up for 19 clubs to cover all of your interests? OHSTECH is for you! This club covers Technology, Engineering, Cognizance, and Health all in one semester! You will be able to present your ideas of knowledge on these four constantly changing subjects in the meeting, or you can just stand by and listen to what other volunteers have to say about T.E.C.H! Hour long meetings will be once a month, one-two presentations per meeting, on a Friday TBD.

Philosophy Club

Come join Philosophy Club! I want to make philosophy fun and accessible for everyone. Everyone in Philosophy Club should be saying , “I Kant believe how easy philosophy is!” We’ll be polling for the best meeting times.

Problem Creators Club

The Problem Creators’ club is a creative environment for participants to share all the interesting things they discover in their academic subjects. Primarily focused around inventing math problems and games, the club allows people to explore the creative side of all sorts of STEM subjects. Whether you found some interesting applications in your schoolwork or just want to ramble among like-minded students, the Problem Creators’ club provides plenty of fun information and interesting peers.

Psychology Club

The Psychology Club addresses interesting topics in Psychology, and allows students to discuss them in a casual atmosphere. Sponsored by Dr. Beattie and Dr. Wallhagen, this club looks at topics such as animal psychology, psychopathy, the Stanford Prison Experiment, IQ, and more. Usually we watch videos and learn about the topic in the first half then discuss it for the rest of the hour, and after every meeting members receive links for supplemental research, if they want to go beyond what we discussed. This club can be great supplementary fun if you’re taking the Study of the Mind course, but the course is by no means necessary to enjoy this club.  We meet every other Friday, at 10 AM Pacific.

Robotics Club

The Robotics Club, now in its 3rd year, organizes a team of OHS students for FIRST Tech Challenge, a robotics competition for grades 7-12 in which teams design, build, and program a robot to accomplish tasks in an annual challenge. Our team consists of both onsite members spread out throughout northern California and offsite members in other locations such as Utah, employing modern technology such as conferencing software, Cloud repositories, and Arduinos to make a seemingly hands-on field like robotics possible in an online school. Among the many things we do in our club are designing a robot using CAD software, building a physical robot, programming it for both autonomous and remote-controlled functions, organizing outreach activities to spread STEM to the community, and fundraising.

Roleplaying Games Club

The RPG Club’s goal is to organize a variety of roleplaying adventures that students may participate in throughout the year. These adventures are stories that all the participants contribute to by playing the part of a character they created themselves. The club’s function is to provide an outlet for narrative creativity, give students the opportunity to explore diverse new worlds, and prove that everyone can be a great storyteller. Students who choose to join the club are allowed selective participation, meaning that participating in only a single adventure, discussion, or club meeting throughout the entire year does not undermine the student’s membership. Additionally, many of our events will be open to the entire school, so non-members may participate as well.

Team HBV

Team HBV is the outreach arm of the Jade Ribbon Campaign. Our mission is to increase awareness of the dangers of hepatitis B and liver cancer. We are an international community comprised of collegiate chapters, high school chapters and local volunteers based out of the Asian Liver Center at Stanford University.

The Chamberlain’s Men

The Chamberlain’s Men (Shakespeare Club) we will be debating about Shakespearean works, watching Shakespeare films, and exploring stigmas superstitions regarding William Shakespeare. We will broach questions like “Did Shakespeare actually exist” and “What can we learn from his works” and “Why did some plays from forever ago randomly become so famous”. We hope to keep a discussion based environment in which participants feel free to learn and grow. No experience is required.

Theoretical and Competition Physics Club

The Theoretical Physics Club reads physics books as a group (one book a year) and discusses the content at a casual pace. This year’s focus is on the Higgs Boson, and the club will be reading The Particle at the End of the Universe: How the Hunt for the Higgs Boson Leads Us to the Edge of a New World by Sean Carroll. The club hopes to have Sean Carroll give a talk related to the book, and may find other guest speakers to discuss the current events in physics. Other fun things the club will do are physics Jeopardy and physics related art competitions as a joint effort with the Photography Club. This club is intended for anyone with an interest in physics, regardless of previous formal physics experience.

Video Gaming Club

The video game club is club for all gamers, casual and “hardcore” alike. The objective is to have fun and have some epic events, while also trying to create a group of gamers that you can play with! Gaming isn’t nearly as fun when you are alone, so join this club!

Not featured:

(If your Club is not featured, and you would like it to be, please contact “!”)

Middle School Science Bowl

Chaucer Reading Group

Current Affairs Club


Anime Club

Art Club

Chess Club

Chinese Club

Equestrian Club

Fandom Club

Film Club

Math Modeling Club

Minecraft Club

Grand Strategy Gaming Club

History Club

Latin Club

Lego Guild

OHS Connections Agency

Origami Club

Photography Club

Physics Competition Club

The Fiction of Fans

The Science of Music and the Music of Science

Science Club

Science Speakers Club

The Argo

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