Finally Here: The OHS Exchange Program!

Written by Athena Hoppe

OHSCA Exchange Program

The OHS Connections Agency is a new club started this year designed to help OHS students get in touch and, oh so surprisingly, connect with each other. OHS students have a unique opportunity to meet and forge friendships with people all over the world. Our current project is to launch an exchange program so that students can create such friendships not only on the computer, but in real life too. Connecting with friends can be a challenge online, especially for those who haven’t been to Summer Session or are unable to meet up with their virtual friends in real life. This exchange program will provide another way for OHSers to get to know each other and have some fun tangible experiences.

We hope to connect student travelers with interested hosts, and have the student traveler live with the host for 2-14 days. And now for the cliché but absolutely true line: We need your help. We need excited participants willing to try something new. If that describes you, grab a parent and go fill out the survey at the end of this article. Through the survey, you and your parents will be able to give us at the OHSCA a brief description of a person you would like to connect with and tell us if you would like to be a traveler or a host. Once we have your family’s information, we will invite you to a meeting in Centra with other applicants, and you will be able to find someone who fits your criteria that you’d like to exchange with. This is a commitment-free meeting for anyone who is interested in the program. We will try to keep exchanges between friends or well known acquaintances, unless otherwise requested.

This structure is for parents as much as kids. As students will likely already know the person they are exchanging with, we want to enable and empower the parents to get in contact, and we will give suggestions and advice on how to complete the transaction. We will not be booking flights for you or acting as a travel agency on places to visit, but we hope that we will help you find someone to have a lasting and meaningful experience with.

If you want to travel, explore new places, meet friends, and expand your knowledge of our lovely OHS community, sign up for the OHSCA Exchange Program. If you want to stay right at your front porch and have a friend come to you, also sign up. If you are just curious and don’t want to commit to anything yet, sign up!

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