Welcome to the Oracle!

Hello! We are the Oracle, a column for Q/A and advice on OHS, extracurricular activities, and life in general. As our first post this year, we decided we would introduce ourselves a bit just so you know who’s answering your questions. Hit the “Ask the Oracle” button with your questions, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Hey, my name’s Jing Liu and I’m a full-time junior here at OHS, in my third year. I live in Toronto, Ontario, a place which instantly gets super boring the moment one arrives in Florida, California, BC, or pretty much any other place on earth for the first time. At OHS I lead the Lego Guild, a club for Lego enthusiasts, and co-lead Asian Culture Club, a place where we appreciate what the largest continent on earth has to offer, together with my buddy Josh Katuri. In my spare time I write music, mainly classical (piano, choir, orchestra, etc.) but I’ve also been looking into electronic music. I also do Scouts, table tennis, build Lego, camp, and follow hockey (#anyonebutbruins!). I’m well acquainted with the challenges of OHS, and I’m excited to be answering any questions you might have, together with the wonderful people on the Oracle. Keep it real guys.

Hello Oracle readers! My name is Josh Katuri, and I live in Stephenville, Texas, a small town located just south of Dallas. This is my junior year at the OHS, and I’ve been a fulltime student here ever since my freshman year.  I am rather well acquainted with the stress of a heavy workload, during my first two years here I took six classes, and boy was it tough but I made it! I’m mostly interested in sports; I particularly follow American football, baseball, and basketball, but I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing a wide array of electives such as theater and leadership clubs in my old school. Right now I’m fully committed to the OHS community and my studies, and it’s a real pleasure for me to be able to draw upon my experiences and help others through the challenges that they face! I’d love to help you and get to know you better, and my fellow Oracle peers feel the same way, so rest assured that your questions are in good hands!

Hi, I’m Zachary Shuster. I live in Fremont, California, which is about a forty minute drive from Stanford. I’m a full time student in my Junior year, and my favorite subject is English literature. I also lead the Tolkien and C.S. Lewis Club and the Medieval Club with Dr. Lamont. Outside of school, I play the violin, read books of interest, write, and fence. Many of these would not be possible without the OHS and its community. The OHS is a very special school with unique challenges and rewarding results. I am happy to be on the Oracle team to help students know how to deal with these challenges that the OHS poses.

Hi! I’m Catherine Wolfram, and I’m a full-time junior at the OHS this year. I started at the OHS my freshman year, but have only been full-time since my sophomore year. I live in the suburbs outside Boston, MA, where it’s far too cold half the year, and my favorite subject is math. I like running, linguistics, being adventurous, and most of all, traveling, which is something I’m much more able to do because of the OHS. I’m looking forward to being part of the OHS Oracle this year, and helping you all with whatever you might need advice on. So send us all some emails!

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