Community Service Showcase: Dhruv Patel

By: Michelle Kwak

The “!” Student Newspaper is delighted to share its first Community Service Student Profile on Dhruv Patel, a part-time senior at the OHS.

Dhruv is commended for numerous achievements, such as competing at a National Business Competition in Orlando, Florida and qualifying for the FBLA National Leadership Conference taking place in California this coming June. Of all of his achievements, however, he holds his time spent serving within his community most valuable and life changing. Since the summer of his sophomore year in High School, he has accumulated more than 400 hours of community service!

His peers know him as the humorous, outgoing, diligent, bright, and sincere president of GIVE, a very special community service club at his Brick and Mortar school, Adlai E. Stevenson High School. Members of GIVE, regularly volunteer in local day care centers and elderly homes. As the leader of this club, Dhruv strives to emphasize the importance of community and need for genuine service. When asked about his general motive for leading this club he replied, “Helping my community is something very important to me because our community nurtures and encourages us the most. Being closer to my community allows me to see more of smiling faces of the elders and children helped by GIVE. I enjoy seeing the difference my volunteers and I have made in their lives.” As the leader of GIVE, Dhruv helps plan and organize local community events. He also enjoys watching his fellow club members develop the same passion and excitement to serve others as they serve together.

Dhruv started his humbling experience at a local library, when he decided that he had some extra time during the summer, and “fell in love ever since”. His favorite memory was when he first handed a prize for the summer reading program to a participant and in return received a big grin and a thank you. He said it was his favorite memory because he knew that he had made somebody happy and exited to read. The library holds a special place in his heart because it had always been one of his favorite places to be as a child, so being able to take part in the development of other children’s academic zeal has always been awarding for him.

Dhruv is an exceptional example of a diligent volunteer, who, with no doubt, has learned the many benefits of being active within the community.

When asked about his future plans to volunteer and if he had any plans to volunteer abroad, he promptly replied, “Whatever I find, I shall do. I don’t care where. Place does not define aid.”

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